Mission Statement:

The founder of Shelter Entertainment Studios, Inc. appreciates motion pictures and digital media and understands their influence on society. Incorporating these mediums the Company desires to advance the Kingdom of God through the creation and distribution of technically advanced faith-based entertainment. Further we commit to the success of the Christian creators of these media through the aggregation of professional talent to support that purpose. Our promise is that the films and digital media that arise from Shelter Entertainment Studios will encourage, excite and support the biblical truths that enrich the Christian life to the glory of God.

Additionally, the Company shall allot 10% of its net income before taxes to Christian causes and ministries. Such allocations shall be determined and made by its Founder and Board of Directors. This allocation shall be made annually within 90 days after the Company's annual financial statements have been completed.

What We Do:

Shelter Entertainment Studios, Inc. (the "Company") is a faith-based entertainment company founded by veteran entertainment executive Stephen McNiel. The Company is in the development stage, and plans to initially build two divisions addressing different segments of the faith-based entertainment market:

• Motion Pictures Division
• Digital Entertainment Division

To date, our efforts have focused principally on research and development, developing our business plan and product offering, forming strategic alliances with third party suppliers, producers, and professional service firms, identifying key employees, and raising capital.

Motion Pictures

Shelter Pictures, our planned film distribution division, will be a virtual studio with a network structure, working through a series of alliances to distribute films produced by major and independent producers.

Digital Entertainment

Shelter Digital Entertainment ("SDE"), our planned digital entertainment division, will develop leading edge, technologically advanced and entertaining products to properly service the faith-based community.


Our founder believes that the company has been given a very powerful vision for serving the faith-based community, one of the largest, most loyal and powerful groups of the buying population. It is with this excitement and commitment that Shelter Entertainment Studios is presented to you as a potential leader in the development, production and distribution solid faith-based programming wherever and whenever it is desired.

Shelter Entertainment Studios 2012