As stated by Plunkette Research, Ltd. in their 2012 article entitled, Introduction to the Entertainment & Media Industry... With astonishing speed, entertainment and media have evolved into a highly dynamic industry, interconnected by the global digital platform in a manner that few people could even have conceived of 20 years ago. From media printed on paper, music on CDs, movies rented on DVD at the local Blockbuster, and TV networks that forced the viewer to be in front of the screen at a given hour in order to watch a given show, the industry has changed dramatically into an always on, easy to time-shift, always with you on mobile platforms, customizable stream of news, entertainment, movies and music.

The Company is currently exploring the highest value entry into this space. Through interviews with industry experts a detailed plan will be formulated and executed based upon the company's resources available. The Company believes that this division will be a leader in the generation of cash flow for the total Company's enterprise.

Announcements will be forthcoming as decisions are reached. Stay tuned for these exciting developments.

Shelter Entertainment Studios 2012